Top Reasons For Getting A Criminal Defense Attorney

The decision whether to work with a criminal defense attorney on a case is rather hard for most people. A defense attorney will help avoid getting charged or increase the chances of winning your case if you are charged. The first major task that the attorney will embark on is to ensure that all your rights have been protected all through the police investigation. The attorney will identify weaknesses in the government case and argue out against your charges.

During investigations

It will dawn on you that you require the services of an attorney when the court issues a warrant against you. In some cases, the law enforcement agencies might conduct their investigation and conclude it without your knowledge. The law enforcement officers might contact you but they will not disclose their intent of filing charges until they have concluded their investigation. To be able to easily beat the case, the services of an attorney are quite necessary at this stage.

Before you are charged

Before you are charged, police officers might try to obtain a confession from you. In most cases, they will try to gather as much evidence which might incriminate you if you don’t seek the services of an attorney. You don’t have any obligation to help local authorities in their investigations and your lawyer will let you know that. You should also speak to the police about anything unless your attorney is present. Your lawyer will ensure you don’t provide evidence against your case.

After your charges have been read out

A defense attorney is particularly important when the police officers have already charged you with their claims. Criminal cases usually carry severe punishments and you might find yourself locked up because of lack of a proper way to defend yourself. Felony charges could attract a jail term of up to life imprisonment or a fine of well over $10,000. Misdemeanor charges are however less damaging than felony charges as they may lead to up to one-year imprisonment period or a fine of up to $2500. A criminal defense attorney will try to obtain a not guilty verdict and when need be he will seek for an ideal plea deal for you.


Immediately you bring an attorney on board, he or she will start building your case immediately. There are instances when you might be arrested and requested to stay in custody or post bail. The arresting officer will read you a statement of rights during the arrest. The rights will include the right to an attorney. The attorney will also want you to reduce the amount in bail in order for your release to be secured through a pretrial supervision agency.

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