How Communication Has Evolved

Technology plays an important role in our livelihoods. It is unknown to majority of individuals that information on the internet was authored by real people. Internet creates a platform where experts on various issues post something about their subject. Content by these experts is made possible by writing their name below the article. Throughout its existence, the internet has changed how the world works. Communication is older than the internet. The main method of transmitting information was using mirrors and fumes. The only complicated mode of communication was through face to face. Verbal communication was possible only if distance is reduced. Semaphores came up but they were only just loud and allowed the use of visual signals. Communication was important only for the military. It took quite a while before a better method of communication came in. Some time went by and these experts came up with telegraphs that one had to punch in to write a message. With the growth in time, better telegraph technology was developed. The invention of electricity brought with it good tidings, these experts were able to create electromagnetic telegraphs that were much more convenient and easy to use and suitable for mass production too. Telegraphs stimulated greater thinking and more ideas were developed. Telegraphs were feared because of the nature of news they were used to transmit. Telegraphs did it break through well owing to the limitations it had.

Any kind of technology will survive only if it offers something unique that is not seen in others and telegraphs lacked this. These experts invented telephones that these experts would use more effectively over long distances and it would support real-time communication between people and the connection was quite fast. Telephones seemed like a foreign idea, however, it was embraced. Currently many people have phones. Radio was the next big thing, it had massive capabilities since the spread of news was much easier with it. A major benefit that these experts leveraged on was the fact that radio did not need literacy for you to understand like in the case for the printing media. There are various benefits of internet, for instance information authored by experts can be accessed anytime. Different formatting of information is possible and the internet can transmit that. The realities that have come with the advent of mobile phone technology by these experts are out of this world, nobody would have thought internet would reach these great heights. The creative people have come up other different types of phones such as voice over internet phones that are being used by corporates.

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