Things to Consider When You Choosing Artificial Turf

This is highly important in ensuring that the artificial turf has enough capacity to hold a lot of water without being unnecessarily soggy. It is important that you check the denier of the artificial turf to make sure that it can hold as much water as possible without having to get soggy which largely contributes to its depreciation. Such measures are particularly important when you’re considering to buy artificial turf as they can enable you to be more presentable to the seller as a person who knows what they want.

The face weight of artificial turf is particularly important in determining how much artificial turf will cost and therefore it is highly critical in determining the amount of the product. The heavier the artificial turf is, the more the artificial grass will cost. It is generally fancy to buy artificial turf that has a lot of face weight unless it is needed for sporting activities such as football, rugby or baseball.

Thirdly, it is important that you highly consider the drainage rate of any artificial turf before engaging in any purchases. It is important that you check the drainage system as this will determine greatly the retention of the artificial turf when it comes to water. Easy drainage is therefore essential in maintaining the value of the artificial turf for very long time as proper maintenance is able to ensure that the artificial turf conservative for very long time without having the need to buy another one or to repair the artificial turf which will end up resulting in a lot of costs.

Artificial turf can have an oval-shaped fibre, diamond shaped fibre, Vista shaped fibre, W shaped fibre, flattened oval shaped fibre, Omega shaped fibre, C shaped fibre and M shaped fibre. Oval shaped fibres are generally used for different landscape installations as they feel generally soft to touch yet at the same time, they are able to maintain durability. W shaped fibers are considered to be more ideal for sporting activities as its shape is able to create higher durability especially with areas that are known for high foot traffic like playing grounds and is therefore ideal for any sport field landscape.

Synthetic grasses highly advantageous to the environment in the sense that it can help in water conservation especially in areas that experience extreme drought and frequent water rationing with one square foot of synthetic grass being able to provide up to 55 gallons of water in one year.

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